ExtIO_Soft66ADH is an external plug-in for WinRad software defined radio application. It is used to control the Soft66 amateur radio directly from WinRad or WinRadHD interface.

Soft66ADH is an amateur software defined radio receiver developped by Kazunori Miura, who sells the kits or preassembled radios via his web-site http://zao.jp/radio/soft66ad/

Winrad is a freely available application used for amateur software defined radios. More information and the application itself could be found on site http://www.winrad.org/
Find more about WinradHD branch of WinRad application on site http://www.hdsdr.de/

Get the precompiled plug-in DLL file for ADD version limited to 75Mhz (Thanks to Gary Higgs, N5XED who helped to test this one)
Get the precompiled plug-in DLL file for ADH version limited to 37.5Mhz
Get the project source code
Get the FTDI chip drivers

Jose Ramón (EA2BQH) has reported that his ADH device's filter bank configuration is a bit different comparing to mine. You can download a modified version of plug-in from his web-site, probably it will work better for you as well.

Pay attantion also that Soft66ADD filterbank differs from ADH version, however the control interface rests the same (both plug-ins will work for these devices), so choose the right DLL corresponding to your hardware.

Copy the ExtIO_Soft66ADH.dll file to the folder where Winrad is installed. Run Winrad application and, the Soft66AHD plug-in window will automatically appear (if it does not, check that your radio is properly connected to USB port, also try to press Alt-Tab, since plug-in window usually appears behind a full screen Winrad window).

Go to "ShowOptions" menu, then "Select Input" and make it Soft66ADH.

Since now when you tune the frequency in Winrad it will be synchronized with your Soft66 module.

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